Value Drivers

Driving Retail Excellence

Revenue Increase

Abstrid enhances the shopping experience through personalized, customer-aware strategies, thereby boosting the average order value (AOV) and empowering sales teams with insightful guidance.


We deliver a tailored customer journey with real-time, intent-driven personalization, exceeding expectations and setting new standards in customer engagement.

Customer Intelligence

By tracking customer intent and preferences in real-time, Abstrid enables seamless integration with CRM and CDP systems, offering a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors.


Our suite optimizes stock based on accurate customer preferences, reducing overproduction and contributing to a sustainable retail strategy that respects environmental concerns.

Talent Empowerment

We empower in-store teams with real-time guidance and deep product knowledge, transforming them into brand experts capable of delivering a VIP experience.

Retail Transformation

Abstrid is a catalyst for retail evolution, enabling a seamlessly connected, integrated, and data-driven retail ecosystem that embraces digital transformation across all channels.

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About Sinotix

Empowering Retailers for a Human-Centric, Sustainable Future

Sinotix is the synergy of Intellidio, OT Consulting, and Quix, which unites nearly 300 customers and over 50 years of combined experience. Intellidio delivers cutting-edge AI expertise, OT Consulting specializes in process hyper-automation, and Quix brings countless tailored digital transformation stories. In partnership with Abstract, we redefine the possibilities of the retail industry.

We are committed to empowering retailers to revolutionize the dynamics with customers, foster talent, and contribute to a greener planet. We are committed to making retailers play a pivotal role in crafting a better world.

Why Sinotix

Pioneering Human-Centric Retail Intelligence

Sinotix not only leverages cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise but also places a strong emphasis on understanding and enhancing the human experience within the retail landscape.

The focus on Human-Centric Retail Intelligence sets Sinotix apart, allowing retailers to not only optimize operations but also build meaningful, personalized connections with their customers, ultimately leading to a more enriching and tailored retail experience.

a screenshot of the Sinotix app
a screenshot of the Sinotix app


Next-Generation Retail

Assisted Selling

AI-driven real-time guidance to in-store teams, for personalized customer interactions and enhanced service.


Offers personalized customer profiles, including preferences, to enable tailored customer service and interactions.

In-App Messaging

In-app two-way messaging and in-app appointment booking for seamless communication and scheduling.

Inventory Optimization

Levareges Endless Aisle capabilities and real-time SKU tracking for efficient stock handling and optimized inventory control.

Mobile POS and Checkout

Facilitates sales, returns and payments, streamlining the checkout process.

In-Store Self-Service

AI-driven self-service yet personalized shopping experiences, fast checkouts, and valuable customer insights.

Change Makers

Architects of Retail Excellence

  • Innovator

  • Enabler

  • Catalyst

  • Achiever

Pioneering Retail's Future

If you are an Innovator, constantly seeking to redefine the boundaries of customer experience, you are on the lookout for solutions that envision new possibilities, set trends, and deliver unparalleled experiences.
Personalization: deliver real-time, in-context, intent-driven, and customer-aware personalization, providing an experience that anticipates and exceeds expectations.
Retail Transformation: enable the next generation of stores through a seamlessly connected, integrated, and data-driven retail ecosystem. Stay ahead of the curve!


Cultivating Excellence: Empowering Teams in Retail

If you are an Enabler, passionate about fostering collaboration and empowering teams, you are seeking solutions to develop in-store teams, transform them into experts, and deliver a VIP experience that sets the brand apart.
Talent Development: empower in-store teams with real-time, in-context guidance, and deep product knowledge. Begins your empowerment journey!
Retail Transformation: enable the next generation of stores through a seamlessly connected, integrated, and data-driven retail ecosystem. Stay ahead of the curve!


Ignite Change with Consumer Intelligence and Sustainability

If you are a Catalyst, driven to foster synergy, you are in search of solutions to build connections, understand consumer behavior, and contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious retail strategy.
Consumer Intelligence: track in-store consumer intent and preferences in real time and seamlessly integrate with your CRM and/or CDP.
Sustainability: reduce overstocking and drive lower production based on accurate customer preferences across all channels.


Elevate Success with Revenue Increase and Store Productivity

If you are an Achiever, relentlessly pursuing tangible results and operational excellence, you are seeking solutions to achieve demonstrable outcomes, drive revenue growth, and optimize store operations for seamless efficiency.
Revenue Increase: unlock the potential for growth by boosting average order values and providing personalized experiences that drive customer satisfaction.
Store Productivity: optimize store operations by leveraging accurate customer preferences specific to each store.